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John D. Leon

Music Composer

About Me

My name is John Daniel Leon and I am from Texas.

I love writing music and software.

My software story

I started programming in the 1990s with QBASIC and have loved it ever since. I spent my entire professional career in software development and cybersecurity. I have spoken at conferences, published books, built a virtual hackerspace, grown a YouTube channel to 11k subscribers. My tech resume is available on LinkedIn.

My music story

I started with the violin and guitar in the 1990s. I spent about a decade performing in symphonies and rock bands as well as learning music theory and composition. Around 2022 I decided to develop a music business.

I created Electropunk Labs where I sell music, audiobooks, and art posters. I also compose film and video game music in orchestral and electronic styles.

Combining music and software

I have an immense interest in combining music and software. If you’re interested in my many programmers are also musicians, I wrote an essay about the similarities between music and programming.

I enjoy programming anything music related, like creative coding with Processing, p5.js, and Blender, creating visual and generative synths with Arduinos and Pis, or programming virtual instruments with Konakt (KSP), VST, and JUCE.

Contact me

For professional inquiries about custom music or software or to connect as friends, visit my contact me page.